Thursday, August 1, 2013

I do not know what should I say about Jailbait

I know what I'm doing though sometimes I do not know what to say. The words tucked in my tongue. Too much and crowding and make the most of it fell back to its origin, to no avail I took. Although I myself not because no heart. If I'm not alone because I wanted to run. I think I've already said what I wanted to say. It's enough to make you understand why this should be like. If it turns out you do not understand and accuse me run, I really do not know what else to say.

They said I'd never love. I looked too high and hard to see around me. I'm too proud, too high to appreciate myself. I do not care and are too preoccupied by dreams that altitude. I do not have time to think of the heart that is sometimes also need to be heard. I was too proud. They talk. They judge but unfortunately they do not know what they were saying.

Right now I'm still here with the remnants of the heart must I picked up one by one. Fragments that are too small for you to see. Fragments of the heart no longer the same color as when the grand describe me. I had to take himself, should kutambal yourself because you did not ever know if I still have a heart. They do not know because they are too busy to talk. They are busy looking for menjeratku chapters. And once again they never knew.

Quite a while ago we shared, I think is enough for you to know what I think. We are no longer human beings who have to say what we feel. We are no longer human beings who have to keep talking when sound is no longer has any meaning. We call ourselves adults but it is still hard to accept. I think we turned out to be me. Because it turns out you can not accept. You no longer feel the same way.

"I love you."

Maybe if I was born white definitely will immediately flushed my face, but not as red as a tomato, I look away because I was too embarrassed.

"How silent?"

I do not know what to say. Is not a question that should answer. I smiled. Either smile like what you catch but you're silent. I think you know what is hinted smile because you did not ask. Do not say and then you were also smiling.

Nothing has changed since then. We stick together. We live the same day. We also share the same smile but in the end I know we're different meaning smile. They say you smiled and I smiled in cuts like a demon from hell. Why do they feel better to know?

"You do not love me anyway?"

Why do you ask? Did not I tell you what to say. I smiled. Repeat the same smile. You made me so ashamed to look into your eyes that suddenly changed. You're breathing long enough and then smiled. We smiled together. I think I told you what to say correctly.

And the days we were back on track. Still with the same smile. Still the same story. They went back to talking. They began to ask what's wrong with us? Why do they come to ask? Do they know what we think? I guess they do not know what they are asking.

I love you

SMSmu in and instantly create a line on my lips. You do not know if I was so embarrassed when I read it. I'm afraid no one saw my face because I knew it would make me more embarrassed. At that time I'm thankful you're not on my side.

SMSmu cleansed and we started to talk about the same thing. I sent no smile, no smile you reply. I think you know what the answer is. I'm so relieved. I got exactly what I wanted all along. I have someone who can read what is not written.

I'm not weird, may be different. I told you the words are often tucked if it had reached the end of my lips, which ultimately can only create a smile line that I think you know what that means. Because you're no longer asked. And again we underwent the same day. I wish I knew.

"I'll go."

Your words I remember that night at all. Although shocked I could only smile. It was a dream, it's your life. I know exactly what it means to you. It was your ambition that you wrote in front of your house mango tree. How could I forget that every day are you always tell me. That's what I listen to. I love it when you start talking about it. Your eyes are shining, shining eagerly.

You're silent. Why? Have you got what you wanted for it. You're looking at me like never seen before. You looked at me like I was a thief who was hiding loot. What are you looking for? I smiled. I say I'm glad to hear it. I laugh at how much you will be very happy.

You're still standing as if waiting to see what will be released again by my lips. No more, that's all. Already quite what to say. You smile a little different this time though. Not too long because then you're laughing. We laughed and then talk about the same thing will happen.

"I have to go."

You say it when you are riding in the aircraft to be ready to go. I smile, I know. I will not stop you even if there is something suddenly so loud in my ears. Some say I should not let you go. Some say I'm going to lose you. May not do. This is your life, this kebahagianmu, which may kurampas it from you just because someone said I should not have let you go?


If they think I'm going to ask you to continue to live, they are wrong. If they think you can seduce me to tell you not to go, they do not know me. I told you what to say and you know it because you smiled.

"I love you, you know it."

I think I knew it was time. I thought you would know that I feel the same way. Because we have long shared. Because we are no longer human beings who have to keep talking. I think it's time that ill unreadable by you. Because once again just smile can give you. Smiles also ultimately you throw at me before you should really go.

Since then not much has changed except distance are separate. We're still talking about the same thing. We smiled at each other is still the same. You still say it often, more often every time our conversation ended. And I smiled all the reply. If you know how much time I want you beside me.

They began to ask again. Why release what is in sight? Who is removable, who took off? We still share the same story, the same smile. I lead the same day even without you. Since the distance was never really there when we still feel the same way, looking at the same sky. Nothing has changed, nothing is going though in the end I had to know was missing at that time.

I love you, I do.

What's wrong with you? Although already used to hear the same words now I think why the other in my heart? We are less and less talk. I know it is not easy of course, you divide the time. You must be too tired after work. I'm not going to claim it. Because although there is a different feel I still see the same star. I still see the same smile. No need to say because I'm also not good at talking.

"You're going to cry if she left you."

Why they could talk like that? Know what they are about me, about you. What I had with you what they can feel it? After all who's left? Who would want to leave? Are not we still the same sky?

Lately they talk more often. They even scream. They started cussing. They told me I did not have a heart. They told me I have the heart to heart toying. Know what they are? What right do they? They do not know what they were saying. They should not talk.

Time we may not as much as before. I told you I was not going to sue you. Smile pretty for the same and will tell you what to say. Although other feel your smile I will not ask. Although increasingly rare smile appears I'm not going to ask. Are not we human beings are rarely talk?

"I'm getting married."

I had never imagined before, had never learned before how to answer your words that suddenly feels so painful. And once again I have to say I'm glad you were not there for me because I do not know where should I put them in my face. They said I'd never cry, they just do not know.

"I love you."

I smiled. Still time-sempatnya you say it after what you just said. I think we are looking at the same sky because I still see the same star. I think I've said what I have to say it clearly. I never thought you always smile like that I received did not show.

You said I do not know what you feel. You said I never cared. I've never understood. Are you sure of what you're saying? While I always reply with the same smile, then you are also doing the same thing.

You said they were right. You say they know what they're saying. Since when do you know them? Since when have you changed and suddenly I recognized it difficult? You said I'd never repay what you always say. I never reply to a sense that you've been feeling. I never know the pain you must feel each only received a smile from what you're trying mightily declared.

What I was talking to the same person? Did someone take handphonemu, borrow your voice and then talk to me as if it were you? I really do not understand even though I started to feel what they say is true, if I'm going to cry if you leave me.

I cried even though I do not want you to know. I fell and had to give up my heart shattered. How can being so far we have always the same smile? I doubt so what I really have to know. I doubt that all this time you really loved me. I told you what to say and did not want to repeat because I was too disappointed. I was disappointed that we never got a smile the same meaning. I'm stupid or are you just too hard to see.

I'm not good at talking you should know that because there is a bit of our time together. And now if you choose, I want to talk about it. If you think I'm going to ask you to leave you're wrong, I'm not going to do it. If you think I'm going to ask you again, you do not know me because I'm not going to do it. You may say I do not have a heart, I'm used to. You may say I'm cruel, what I should say the same thing?

I know what I'm doing even though sometimes it's hard to say. And this is what I do. I gave the same smile and I leave you to interpret fully. You and they told me I do not have feelings. You do not know what you say. You think you know what you're doing, you think you know what you say. You do not know anything.

Although this time I'm alone not because they do not have a heart. If I'm alone this time not because of running. I was disappointed because I thought someone share the same smile was not ever really understand. Am I too proud to say that I also love lisanku? I told my words fall apart, you should know that. And if this time I was sick, what can you see? Because it does not need to show my pain with a roar. Because my pain enough to smile. And it's up to you guys because I know what the talk is still the same, you do not know what you say

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